Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Binay for President

I was Binay's scholar. And I owe him my college degree.
I voted for him in the last presidential elections.
I believe that he can move mountains for this country.

But I think it is too early to campaign and what he's doing now could be detrimental for his campaign in the next presidential elections.

The wonders of Philippine Politics.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Like Crazy

After spending 14 hours in the plane (London to Doha = 6 hours) and (Doha to Manila = 8 hours), I found myself desperate looking for a good movie on board the flight. I've watched almost all the movies I wanted to watch in Qatar Aiways' impressive inflight entertainment system. But I still had 3 hours to go before arriving in Manila.

Being away for 3 weeks made me miss my husband so much so I was looking for something romantic. "Like Crazy", as the title suggests, seemed perfect.

It makes you want to fall in love again. It is a tale of young romance the captures the highs and lows of a budding relationship. It is charming, realistic and tender.

It was a low budgeted film that solely relied on the chemistry between Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin.

I cried in the plane.

Watch it.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reality Bites

I’ve met a lot of really frank but nice people in my 3 weeks in Europe. They tell stories. I tell stories. Mostly good stories resulting to interesting conversation.

They say Filipinos are friendly and always smiling.

They say Filipinos are warm and very good English speakers.

They say they chose Philippines because of the quality of graduates we have.

I agree with them.

Europeans, well,most of them, are well traveled. Some have visited Asia. Some have visited Manila.

They say Palawan is beautiful.

They say diving and surfboarding are so damn good in the Philippines.

They say Sagada is one of a kind experience.

They say San Miguel is a really good beer.

They say Filipinas are hot.

But you will not always hear something good about your country. There is a bad side in each city/place that a tourist visits.

Some say food in the Philippines is really bad and awful.

Some say Manila is the dirtiest city they’ve been to in Asia.

Some say there’s too much pollution in Manila.

Yes. We can be caught off guard. But I am somehow used to all these kind of comments having visited a number of cities and met a lot people from various continents.

So what do I normally tell them to not sound defensive? After all, reality bites. It bites hard and it is painful.

I say, yes Manila is polluted. There is overpopulation. We are a third world country but try visiting the countryside.

I say, yes, you are right. We do not have really good cheese nor gourmet bread there. But you can always try rice cakes?

Deep inside my heart, these people are not lying. Manila is dirty. Manila is polluted. Manila is not really that safe. I really do not know if these will change.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am alive!

A lot has happened since my last blogpost.

As you know, I am more visible in twitter. It is easier to write 180 characters of nonsense ramblings. But my husband reminded me to update my blog because a "few" people still find my humor entertaining. (This will not be a funny post though. Hehe)

So.. updates.

1. I am now working in a sportsbetting company based in Europe. My time is more flexible and I am not as busy as before. Plus, the pay is really good!

2. My lil girl is about to go to school this June. She has been attending "practice" classes during the weekends and my oh my, Lil Lily can adapt so well. Her teachers gave us really good feedback. They said that she's friendly, artistic and can communicate very well for her age.

3. My husband and I decided to buy a property last weekend. We are all excited about that. We're about to sign more paperwork this coming Saturday. God has been very good to us. 2012 is my year!

4. I am preparing for my trip to Sweden and London. I heard that the average temp this March is around 0-2 degress celsius. Coming from a tropical country like PH, I think I will be in BIG trouble. My coats and jackets are not as thick as they should be to survive such temperature. Plus, I need a lot of moisturizer to keep my skin from drying up. Hello DOVE products!

5. My new found happiness - Tony Moly products. They're the bomb especially the tomatox line! You should try it! My daughter uses Human Heart Nature products and they're very good too!

There. I hope I can find something funny to post tomorrow.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bed Weather Songs!

Most people I know listen to ballads and romantic songs during rainy days. I don't. Instead, I listen to sultry sexy songs. No, I am not a fan of songs with too much profanity except for Damien Rice' Rootless Tree.

It has been raining in the past 3 days here in Manila and I have the perfect playlist for the perfect bed weather. Too bad, office work is not canceled amidst the bed bad weather.

1. Bed by J Holiday - I LOOOOOVE this song! It makes you grind!
2. Body Bumpin' by Public Announcement - CLASSIC! Been listening to this song since the 90's!
3. Can You Handle It by Usher - Usher has a lot of Rated PG songs. This is one of my favorites!
4. Sweet Sexy Thing by NU Flavor - Who doesn't love this song?????
5. Get It On Tonite by Montell Jordan - Montell Jordan is hotttt!

Stay safe everyone.



If you've noticed, I've been trying to update this blog with nonsense posts lately. It was not like my blog in Multiply where a lot of things were happening to me on a daily basis hence, the daily updates.

I describe my life as domesticated. Though I used to hate routines, I have already accepted that being a mother/wife/workaholic, routines are inevitable.

I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again, it is not easy to run a household. Hats off to all full time mothers who do not have helpers at home. You are amazing! AMAZING!

I think I will end this post now, because I don't know what to write anymore. I hope that my blogging juices will be available tomorrow so I can write something sensible. Hehe.

Oh, its a rainy Tuesday. Be safe!

Love love,

Monday, July 25, 2011


So I made a life changing decision last week. I am excited and, well sad at the same time. But I am looking forward to new beginnings, new experiences, new challenges and new friends. I have been listening to Nada Surf's weightless since last week.


I am grateful to all my friends, my mom, my sister and my husband for being supportive. I feel blest.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anyare of the Day

Well I got the title of this blog post from Saab Magalona's blog.

GOOD NEWS! We have already launched our store, ThriftShopManila. Jing and I are so thankful with the overwhelming response that we have received!!!!!!

The "Anyare of the Day" is.. we are almost sold out!!!! We have underestimated our capabilities! We shopped for a conservative number of clothes thinking that we will be able to sell them in a week. BUT NO!!! We are almost sold out. It has only been 2 days.

Waaah, we need to source for new items asap to sustain our momentum. God help my schedule.

Don't get me wrong, I am very much happy with the outcome. Everything is so unexpected. Thank you!!!

Please keep visiting the site and we will update the racks as soon as we can.

I still love you,
Me!!! :x